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Nostalgia #8


          So... This is it. The last edition for the Nostalgia series. I saved the best for last. Haha... Don't forget to check out my firstsecondthirdfourthfifthsixth and seventh Nostalgia posts. Dive inside the sea of nostalgia! Haha... Anyway, for the last entry, we are going with "war machine" theme!

          It's Mission Bravo by Matchbox! Yeargh! Generally, Matchbox is well-known for their die-cast car models, and they're among one of Mattel's Hot Wheels top competitors. But there's one time when Matchbox release several military and exploration theme toy line up. Among them are Mega Rig and Mission Bravo, I forgot the name for the other lines.

          Mission Bravo toys are military-themed. But what differs it from other military toys is that they have the ability to transform into a battle station! So, less talk, more pictures!

So, this is all of them. I didn't lose any toy, by I do lose some parts. Err... Not some, but A LOT. You see kids, this is why you shouldn't be too generous when it comes to let your friends borrow your toys and bring them home. Looking back at these toys, I extremely regretting the fact that once, I'm not a stingy person. I may took great care of these toys, but people who borrowed them don't. When I took them back (Yes, they didn't even bother to send it back to me, I have to go to their house and take them), I noticed the missing parts and ask them where are the parts, I get either one of these two answers; "Oh sorry, I didn't notice when it is missing", or even an answer that makes me wanna punch them in the face, "It is like that when you give it to me, don't blame me". Bitch, I know my toys. They were complete when you borrow them, then you're giving this bullshit answer!?

Alright, sorry for the rant. Hahaha... It is just that I used to love these toys so much, I still love them though. Also, they're among the most expensive toys I have. Back in the day, anything above RM50 is very expensive to me. Each of these toys cost about RM60-70 that time. Now I can only find them online for hundreds of ringgit. So guys, take these lessons; Don't ever, EVER let other people laid their hands on things you love, they don't love it like you do.

Alright, back to the toys. The first toy is an exploration ship. It is made by Matchbox, but it is the only Matchbox toys in my collection that is not from Mission Bravo line. I still want to feature it because it is still in good shape, minus some parts, and it gives me lots of fun back in the day. The missing parts are two scuba diver figures, a strapped killer whale, a yellow crane arm,  and a small emergency inflatable boat.

Since it is a toy ship, can it float on water? No. But it do have three small wheels underneath, for you to roll it on the floor. The hollow space and small yellow hook at the back of the ship gives me the hint that it can combine with other toys of the same line, but I never get any of the other toys.
It is not a toy from Mission Bravo line, thus it doesn't have the transforming ability. But each and ever part of the ship can be separated and combined according to your creativity. You can create an exploration base, a twin rescue boat, and many more. I didn't take any pictures of any of the combination, because they're countless of them. Or... Because I'm lazy. Haha

Alright, the small guy of the bunch. Although small, it looks good! Great details. It does looks like a die-cast model from certain angle. This is a Humvee that have rotating missile launcher on its back. The missing parts are a driver/soldier figure, a missile and a small machine gun on the missile launcher.

It doesn't transform much, but I do get the idea of "combatant practicality" they're trying to feature. The missile launcher can be detached, kick the stand out and it can be used by infantry soldiers. While, the base where the missile launcher originally attached to on the Humvee have molded in turrets. Press the black base down, and there you have a Humvee with turrets! Though I'm not sure how anyone can drive this, because the end of the turret is gonna be at right behind the head of the driver. Maybe it is meant to be a drone unit, who knows.

Next, the Sand Tiger! Sand Tiger is a tank with camouflage on its body, with colour scheme that suit the scenery of a desert. The missing parts are a soldier figure, a missile, two antennas and an ATV unit. The turret can rotate though.

This is the battle station mode. Cool, isn't it? Haha... Although it is transformed, the turret on the top can still rotate. The black panel on the front can be raised to be used as a shield by the soldiers, equipped with a small turret they can used. Also there's two extra turrets for extra firepower.  The space at the bottom part is where the ATV unit is stored.

Next, the Sky Scorcher! It is a VTOL aircraft, a rescue aircraft I supposed. It is missing a pilot/soldier figure, two missiles, two propeller blades, a small gun on the seat and a clip for holding the soldier figure in battle station mode.

This is the battle station mode. Luckily I still have the small vehicle unit. It looks more like an instant headquarters or military base rather than a battle station to me.

Next, the toy that really suits its name, the Missile Monster! Missile Monster is a military helicopter (Blackhawk, i guess...?), that is used to bring troops to the battlefield. As you can see, these monster is armed to the teeth! Two turrets right under the propeller, two turrets on the top of the front end, and rear turret. Turrets at all direction! Haha... It have more weapons if it still have all the missing parts though. The missing parts are a pilot/soldier figure, two wings, two torpedoes, an atenna, rear fin and propeller, a small jeep, and all eight missiles. Right. All.

The cockpit and rear shutter door can be opened. The rear door is where the small jeep is stored.

This is the "monster" mode! I don't want to call this battle station mode, because this guy have all these weapons while flying! Well, it is more like a floating battle station. Its enemy will be f*cked. For sure.

If it still have both of its wings, and of course, the missiles, it will have four missiles on each sides. Notice the clips inside it? That's where you can clip extra soldiers, so you have more firepower! Muahahaha

Not to forget, the twin gatling guns! This mofo got flo fo sho!

And last, but the most, is my favourite among the bunch. The Phantom Fotress! I've never seen any military vehicle like this in real life. It have all sort of heavy weaponry on and in its trailer. This is the right machine you would use to operate a massacre mission in the country you accuse of having terrorists and nuclear weapons. Yeahh!! The missing parts are a driver/ soldier figure, cockpit roof, a mobile cannon unit and mobile missile carrier unit, ladders, a big missile, and two large cannons.

This is the battle station mode. Among all of them, to me, this is the most accurate definition of a battle station.
So many big weapons! 

There's a radar dish, and a platform where soldiers can stand and shoot.
But the soldiers can no longer climb on it though, the ladder is missing.

The port where the missing large cannon attached to. 

A cockpit where a soldier sit in to man the big missile launcher, and a seat for a soldier to sit and man the big turret. This thing really is a war machine. It is built to kill! Well... Not really. Since it is a toy, it is built to be played. Haha

Hey, you know what, these guys looks great together!
 Maybe I'll use both of them in one diorama one day. Haha

          Conclusion? They are the greatest toys, EVER!! Haha... Well, greatest in my collection at least. It is sad that Matchbox no longer produce them, or any other toy line with similar theme. When I have money, I really want to buy it again though. I've found some of them online, but of course, double or triple the original price. So, that's all for the nostalgia posts series! I hope this hobby will never stop, as there are so many wonderful people I met in this hobby. If you do have nostalgic toys of your own, do share them, or make a post about them in your blog and invite me to read them! Hehe... Alright, remember this; "You don't stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing". Be geek, be proud, palming your face!!

Hope Emgo will never read this blog. Hahahaha

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