Sunday, 9 February 2014

Nostalgia #2


          The toy I'm going to feature in this second "Nostalgia" entry is from the same manufacturer and same toy line as the toy I featured in the first entry. I still have to apologize for the photo quality. Pictures in this entry are taken at the same time and situation as described in previous entry. Lets move on!

          This toy is also from Hot Wheels by Mattel, but a very unlikely a Hot Wheels toy. When I say Hot Wheels, what is the first thing came out of your mind? Cars, right? This sub-line of Hot Wheels is called Robo Wheels Tranz-Blaster. I only have one of it. In the package, it comes with a "carrier" battleship that carries a car inside. Yes, as the name implies, both the ship and the car can transform into a robot. What? Hot Wheels have a robot toy? Without further ado, lets check out the pictures!

First, lets take a look at the box. I like the boxart! It is really cool looking. Yeah, very cool, like, cooler than the actual toy. Haha... If you take a look at the back side of the box, There's another version which is red in colour. And there's lots of those small car robot thing. They have their own track set, but I never got them. Apparently, the name of the two faction that's in a war is "Positron" and "Negabotz". Now... Why does the name sounds familiar... *Ehem ehem*Decepticon*Ehem ehem*Autobot* 
Even the colour of the ship matches Transformers's faction logo colour! Haha... See? 
Negabotz = Autobot = red. Positron = Decepticon = purple
Lets hope this is just a pure coincident. Hehe

Anyway, lets take a look at the toy itself. It looks like a block with wings at the side and hexagonal cone as front-end. But I like it! It really look like a big ship that carries things. I don't why it turns out more blueish in the picture, the actual toy is actually more purple than this. Nice engine block at the top of the toy, which is detachable and become gun in robot mode. And also nice looking double headed orange missile on each side. The rear side of this toy really remind me of 
G-Fighter unit, the support unit for Gundam RX-78-2 from Mobile Suit Gundam series. Nice looking molded-in thrusters there. Plastic quality? It is actually very good! Nice hard and thick plastic for most of the part, and nice sturdy soft plastic for the orange missiles and the connector bits that pegs the engine block onto the toy. When I play with this toy, I don't have the feeling that I may break anything.

Even when in carrier ship mode, you can still use the weapon to shoot missiles. 
Just press the purple button on top.

The top side of the carrier ship when the gun is removed. Holy god that is some nice decal pattern! Too bad the shiny plastic surface reflects the flash light. The Positron insignia is very good looking! And also the pattern that goes around the body, they're gorgeous! There's so many panel lines on this toy, that the inner gunpla-modeler me screams "draw the panel lines! Ink them in!" Hahaha

Split the fuselage, Bring up the cockpit, and you can take out the little car he's carrying inside.
It looks like a police car though.

For the carrier ship... Don't tell me you don't know how they transform after looking at pictures of it. The police car though, is quite an interesting transformation. Detach it from the chassis, extend and straighten the limbs up, and voila! It actually comes with two black guns, but I lost one of them. The car body pieces on the arm can be detach to give way for the gun. As in the picture, I keep one of the car body piece to use it as shield.

I'm sorry, the pictures quite blurry, and it didn't really catch the details on this toys. The remaining chassis, you cannot just leave it on the side right? There's four clip points on the chassis, and the robot can use it as skateboard! Or skatechassis, whatever. If you take a look again at the picture of the back side of the box, there's a small picture of two boys playing with this robot on the track, in this mode. I never tried it, but I believed it is possible though. Every joint on this robot is super tight, that you have to put extra effort just to change the pose, or to transform it. The clip point also feels very secure. Plus, the chassis is die cast, so it have a nice weight to it.

Lets take a look again at the police car mode, this time at the top side. Man, that decal work is so nice looking!
Paintjob is also nice. They put so much effort in this small toy just to make it look good. Sadly it's a bit blurry though.

          Overall, this is a fun toy! My mum bought this for me during the Hot Wheels hype in Malaysia. If my mum never ever bought me this toy, I have no idea that this toy exist. Who would've guessed Mattel would make a transforming robot toy in the Hot Wheels line? It is fun, good looking and made of very high quality materials. The paintjob on this has not even ruined a little bit, the decals is still intact, unlike the previous toy I reviewed. Even if I don't have the track set to play this toy with, it still make a good display piece. Done with the second toy, next one coming up!

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