Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Nostalgia #4


          Alright. For this entry, we're still reviewing toy of the same company, of the same line as the toy from my first, second and third Nostalgia post. But this one is crazier. It is build to crash things!

          Okay, I exaggerated a bit. But the concept is there. Put as much cars as you have, wait for any of them to crash into the thing. What thing? You'll see in a minute.

          The toy I'm going to review in this post is the Hot Wheels Fireball track set. It is generally tracks swirling up high and shaped like big ball, and it is on fire! Haha... Not real fire, toy fire of course. It's base is a quadruple booster which boosts cars in three directions, which in the middle of it is a meteor with the ring of fire. There's really not much word I can type to describe the awesomeness of the toy, just take a look at the pictures!

The box! It's huge! What else can I say?

Motorized quad booster! Exploding core! Blast off in three direction! All that good stuff.

Create the ultimate test track! Yeah... I don't think there's any way you can combine this Fireball set with any other set though. There's only one way into the Fireball, but it is not compatible with any kind of connection peg available in other Hot Wheels track set. And, there's absolutely no way out. You're suppose trap and crash those cars, remember? Haha

This set comes with two glow-in-the-dark cars. That's awesome! But mine is damaged though... Too bad.

One day, I decided that I want my glow-in-the-dark cars to glow super bright, so I placed them super close to a light bulb. Yeah, really close, like, touching the bulb... And this is what happen. It friggin' melt. Well, I was a kid back then. 
I don't know a light bulb that I use everyday in my room could be that hot. I regretted that until today though. 
They were really beautiful cars. *sad*

Remember that in my previous post, the Triple Loops set lacks the car charger?
Well, this set has it, a really BIG one. And it shoots cars in three directions! Crazy!

This big thing needs big power. We're talking four D sized batteries. I'm really glad that I remembered to remove the batteries, unlike what I did to the X-V Racer. I love this toy too much to let it be broken.
I don't have the batteries to check it yet, but I think it is still in a good condition.

Completely assembled. It's huge! And beautiful! Sorry I didn't take step by step pictures.
You wouldn't wanna see it anyway. Haha

The one and only way in. Raise the bar and let the car charge its way into the misery ball of fire!

The top of the batteries compartment a.k.a the place where my Hot Wheels cars park
and wait for their turn to be crashed in the fireball of doom! Haha... I'm sorry, I got a little carried away. By the way, nice molded in Hot Wheels logo and diamond steel plate motive.

The said meteor. The meteor is actually made of two halves that is held together by a pair of rubber bands.
Any car that hit the meteor or the ring of fire around, will make it explode!

The fire-shaped gate welcoming the cars.

Very nice mold of fire deco thingy. If I'm good at painting, I'l definitely paint it to look like real fire.
          Overall thought? This was a fun toy, and as soon as I found batteries for it, I'm really sure it will be fun again! I remembered playing this in my room, then switched off the lights, just to see the glowing cars charging around at extremely high speed! I am really out of word to describe this toy. It is fun, it is! Haha... I would definitely want to play with it again! If only I can bring it to Shah Alam of course... Alright, that's all for today's post. Next one's coming, stay tuned!

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