Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Nostalgia #6


          Still in the car theme like my firstsecondthird and fourth entry, and racing theme like my fifth entry. A series of toy from the same company as featured in previous post, but this time, it's a toy that you have more control of it.

          It's Auldey Race Tin Gen-3! Haha... It is a predecessor of two of previous series, Race Tin and Race Tin II. I still have the toys, each one from both Race Tin and Race Tin II series, but it is in a really bad condition that I think it's not worth featuring.

          Why the name Race Tin? I don't know. Maybe because this series features a remote controlled car in a can (technically it's not a can, the case is made of plastic). I'm sure the name would fit us Malaysians very well, because instead of "can", we say "tin". For example; we don't say sardine in a can, we say sardine in a tin. Is it only Malaysians that say tin, or is it every part of the world which is not American (just kidding)? Or maybe it's Auldey's way of saying race team? Haha

          Anyway, enough with the geographical lesson. This Race Tin Gen-3 series, as the name implies, is the third generation of the Race Tin series. The Race Tin series is still going on. I saw so many of them at Toys'r'us, Parkson, Metrojaya and other store. The design has gone crazier and have more chrome.

          The remote controlled car that comes with this series is in 1:32 scale, same scale as typical mini 4WD car. That's what makes me fall in love with this toy. Lots of other available remote controlled car either too big or too expensive. I mean the one that used up to eight or ten rechargeable batteries packed together, or the one that used fuel. The stand alone price is already expensive, let alone the accessories. When Auldey released this line, I got excited. Maybe because I've got used to mini 4WD size, the size of Auldey Race Tin toys really pleased me. And you can customize it, while you can control it! So, bye-bye to rail track from the fire station! Haha... Anyway, lets take a look at the pictures.

First, lets take a look at the packaging. The front half of the case is transparent plastic, with the sticker slabbed on it.
If you notice though, the left one is written in Chinese, and the right one is written in English. Is one of them a bootleg?
I don't know. Both of them seems to have the same good quality.
Maybe the one in Chinese is meant for local market, and the one in English is meant for international market.

Take a look at the rear section. The description of the diagram is written in different language, even the promoted accessories at the side. The left case actually have other model promoted at the lower part, while the other one is not.

You can stack the cases on top of the other, for easy storage.

Push the button to unlock the lid.

Oh, look, how clever! The lid is the remote controller (duh!).
The cars are placed securely on the dedicated trays, so slide them out.

Turn all four knobs at 90 degree, then take them out.
And also, pull out the antenna.

Take the car away from the tray, then release the end of the antenna from the front fender.

Slot the antenna from below the tray into the dedicated hole on the remote controller,
then twist it to lock it in place.

Remove the battery cover and place two AA batteries into the car and also the remote controller.
Make sure the polarity is right.

Voila! Ready to race!
The remaining pieces... Just put them in the "tin".

If you're not sure which controller controls which car, just look for their frequency number under the car and on the controller.

Not just the toys, I also bought the accessories! Sorry for that disgusting looks of the yellowing clear plastic though.
My dad actually had this stored in a box outside of the house. There's three motors, and why is that?
That's because originally I have three Race Tin Gen-3 toys, but then one got broken. I don't have screwdriver to dismantle the engine compartment in of the car though, but I've tried the engines with mini 4WD cars.
And it works fine!

I hate it when I'm having fun with my toy, then the batteries drained out of power. When I was a kid, I cannot simply go to any shop or places and go buy things. I have to wait for my parents to actually go somewhere for other bussiness, only then I can follow them and get new batteries. So one day they're going to a place near the building where I bought the toy, so I decided to buy this rechargeable batteries and its charger. 
Problem solved! Haha... But it hasn't been used for quite a long time. 
The charger looks like it is still in good condition, but I can't say the same about the batteries though... 
You can see why. I never tried to charge it, I'm worried it might get worse. 

So... New tire set! Yeay! And chrome rims!

Inside the set, Auldey provide a small tool that have hexagon-shaped hole at one end.
It matches the shape of the white "bolt" that locked the rear wheels and the screw that locked the front wheels.
But you can use a regular philip screwdriver to remove the front wheels.

All wheels removed.

Also, together with the set, Auldey provided extra "bolt" and screws...
For if you screw things up and lost them. Hahaha... Bad pun.

Then screw this grey pieces into where the wheels had been.

In case you didn't noticed it from the picture, the center hole on the grey piece is different in size. The one with a little bigger hole is located at the front axle, while the other one is at the rear axle. Or, just take a look at the rear side. The one on the right is for front axle, while the one on the left is for the rear.

Although the set only came with one set of rims, Auldey is kind enough to gave you two sets of tires. The set on the right side is made of softer rubber. If you can't differentiate it, the softer tires has glossier surface.

Slot the tires into the chrome-plated rims, and place them on the grey piece.
Thicker wheels are for the rear, and vice versa.

And, voila! New wheels! So cool-looking! So much bling-bling!

Comparison between the original wheel set from the car and wheels from the accessories set.
You can't see it in the picture, because my fingers hinder the view,
 but the new wheels actually have bigger radius than the original one.
Not to forget that the quality of the rubber feels much more superior.

          Conclusion? This is a great toy! A remote controlled car that can be customized, in a nice size that ease you to carry it anywhere. You know what makes it better? It can still work!! Haha... As soon as I found these guys from the box, I immediately grab some batteries and tried it out. I believe that this Race Tin Gen-3 is no longer available. Maybe, in the future, I'll get my hands on newer Race Tin toys. Oh, I also saw once, a remote controlled car toy from Auldey that's in smaller scale, but finished nicely, like a die-cast car model. It is named Race Tin Collection, it even come with its own clear case, so it can be displayed properly. I'm gonna try it out! Alright, that's all for this post, watch out for the next one!


  1. Assalamualaikum warohmatullah..nice bro..nak tanya, mana nk dapatkan spareparts racetin gen 3 di pasaran?masih wujud ke?

    1. Bro...mcm mna nak beli racetin gen 3 ni...sya nak beli satu...bro boleh tolong belikan..??

    2. Bro...mcm mna nak beli racetin gen 3 ni...sya nak beli satu...bro boleh tolong belikan..??

    3. Wslm Asrul n Fadleh. Mintak maaf sgt2 sbb blog saya ni mmg dh lama sy tak jenguk. In case korg terbaca saya punya reply ni, saya pn tak tahu. Dh lama saya tak usha Gen3 ni kt pasaran. Last time (dlm 2-3 thn lepas) saya pegi pasaraya (parkson, jusco dsb), diorg ada jual Race Tin, tp yg siri2 baru punya. Pasal spareparts, saya rasa mmg dh xde la bro. Maybe blh try Ebay kot, sy pn x sure.