Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Nostalgia #1


          For any other kind of entries other than personal one, I'll type them in English. Why? Because I do hope to get international readers on this blog. Big dream eh? And, I have to improve my English speaking skills. I do believe typing/writing in English will help nonetheless.

          Alright, I'm in a holiday right now, which means I'm at home. Not Shah Alam, but Kuching. Since I haven't been here for quite a while, I need to clean and tidy this room up a little. Okay, not a little, a lot. So, I've bumped into my old toys. Yeah, my old toys in my old room, what a surprise (duh!). Oh god they're so nostalgic! Begin with this entry, I'll review them one by one.

          The toy I'm going to feature in this entry is from the famous toy line by Mattel, Hot Wheels. I used to own a lot of Hot Wheels 1:64 die-cast cars, until I "kindly" give all of them to my friends. Yeah, I'm that naive once. However, those are not the toys I'm going to feature in this entry. They are toys from a sub-line of Hot Wheels, Hot Wheels Mechanix. This line were introduced in 1990 or later, I'm not sure. They are car model/toy packed together with extra parts and a tool for you to customize it however you want. They looks like they're in 1:43 scale, but I believe that they are not really made in scale. Just a generic "playable" size.

But I still have these two guys left. Hehe

          Too bad, I only manage to grab two of these guys before Mattel stop manufacturing toys from this line. I think they're cool though. These are my first customize-compatible toys. I've took pictures of them, but first, I do have to apologize because I don't have a proper backdrop yet, and I'm using a digital camera. I don't know how to adjust the focusing on this camera, thus some blur pictures. Also, although I've took these pictures during daytime, my room don't get much sunlight, so I have to use flash... Which cause the pictures to be a little bit "flashy". So, these are pictures of the guys!

These are the tools, the "X" tools. Hence the Mechani"X" spelling. Actually, the only end that serve
a unique function is the one that shaped like align key, which is used to assemble or dismantle the wheels.
The other three, they were all used to twist the screw.

So these are the cars. I believe that the orange one is a Mustang, but I'm not sure what model is the red one though. Lets just call it Lancer, because it looks like one. Haha... As you can see, the Mustang is missing the hood. On the Lancer, actually, the screw that is holding the rear bumper is broken. The bumper is held onto the car by using Faber Castell Tack-it. Paint job for both car are a bit ruined. Too bad... I love the paint job on this toy.


These are the cars with most of its accessories, which I would like to call "racer mode". Looks really good for both! The Lancer looks best in this mode, other than the air vent on the roof. Somehow I dislike the look of it. The "BOSS" decal on the Mustang's spoiler is a bit misplaced though. It is fine when taken out of package, I have no idea how the hell could it be misplaced if the toy have been topcoated. If you have this toy, you'll noticed that Mustang is missing an accessory piece, which is a holder for winch steel cable. It looks like a little bit like the one on 4WD truck (picture below).
Winch steel cable on a 4WD truck.

Monster truck mode!! Who doesn't love monster truck? Anyone who's not American I guess (just kidding!). Anyway, these guys both looks cool, but I like Mustang more in this mode. It just suits it more, plus the tall engine block add more "muscle look" on it.

I present my favorite set up for both cars. I like the monster truck look for Mustang, minus the spoiler. I remove the spoiler because I want it to look more monster-ish, rather than racer-ish. I really regret losing the winch steel cable piece though. It would really add more tough look on the Mustang. While for Lancer, it looks best as a racing car. I've mentioned above that I dislike the look of the air vent on the roof, so I removed it. Looks cool eh?

          Overall, these toys are cool! They can roll like a regular toy car, it can be customized to your creativity, and it is nicely painted, like a real car. If I have much money, I would get all of them available anywhere (Ebay, Amazon etc). If I ever get my hands on a new one, I would be reaaaally careful not to lose another part or ruin paintjob or decal. I believe that Mattel also release another toy line called Hot Wheels Mechanix Deluxe. That toy involve more insane customization, where you can assemble a car with parts from a helicopter, or a truck with parts from a tank. Crazy! I never got any of them though. During my childhood, any international toy line only made it here when it is already too late. When we just get hyped about it, the production of the toys already stopped. So, that's all for this entry. Next one's coming!

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