Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Nostalgia #5


          For the fifth edition of the "Nostalgia" posts, we still going with the car theme, same as the first, secondthird and fourth entries. This time, I will be featuring a toy car that is so special, I know every Malaysian guys, who were once Malaysian boys, will recognize this toy. Maybe all boys around the world too.

          Everyone watches the Dash Yonkuro series. A show where kids races with their toy car, a toy car that cannot turn, and they steer it with a hockey stick. Then Lets & Go series. Kids races with their mini 4WD on the track, and yell words as if they're controlling the car. Everyone want to get their hands on that mini 4WD car. Any rich kids will get mini 4WD car by Tamiya, and show it off to all their friends. But us? We get the bootleg one. Haha

          I had various mini 4WD cars from various bootleg brands. Among them, Gokey was the best. Still no better than Tamiya though. Then I move on to Auldey. I believe that once, Auldey was a bootleg toy company too. Then they come up with their own design and product, which is not bad! Good plastic quality, great motors and other accessories. Other than mini 4WD, Auldey also produce other toys like yo-yo and... The toy I'm going to feature in the next entry. Hehe... Anyway, lets review this toy first. Enjoy the pictures!

First, we take a look at the Gokey's! The box says 1:32 scale, but isn't this is the exact size it appear in the series? Maybe they're referring the scale to a real car.

These guys are the only remaining Gokey's mini 4WD in my collection. The blue one is Magical Knife, the purple one is Kidouin and the white one is Blazing Max. The others... Either they're incomplete or loss. Actually there's not much of an issue with the quality of the plastic. Back in the days, even bootleg toys have decent plastic quality. The real issue that I have with these guys is the stickers. The most obvious is the yellow V shaped sticker on Magical Knife. It is not that I didn't align it properly, it is that the sticker is not cut properly according to the borders. That really annoyed me.

Now lets take a look at the Auldey's! When you pronounce Auldey's, it sounds like "oldies". Haha... Anyway, I only have six of the Auldey's. Auldey's first wave mini 4WD all have chrome-plated car body. How cool is that!? Usually, chrome-plated plastic tends to be weak in sturdiness, but these toys don't have that issue. The second wave of Auldey's mini 4WD is titled Team of Dream, which is, at that time, promoted extensively in channel TV3 of Malaysia. 

First of the bunch, Monstrous! What a nice looking chrome-plated plastic. Not only it is shiny, some part even molded separately and plated in accurate colour to save you time on painting. They even provide extra piece for the rear bumper! It looks good even without stickers, but of course you can't resist those great looking motive and insignia on the stickers. Even the stickers are nice. Those motives are printed on a transparent sheet of sticker. Even if it is not cut out properly, the non-printed area will not hinder the nice looking chrome. Notice something yellow on the front bumper? That specific area is cracked, so i glued them. I don't know what kind of glue I've put on them, it turns yellow when it dried. I dislike the white chassis at first, but then the look grow on me. It looks like it has personality. A cold-hearted and monster-ish personality. Haha

Fighting Knight is kind of the borders between the first wave and the second wave. You see, the body is chrome-plated, but the stickers are not those printed-on-transparent-sheet type. The silver piece at the front end and the silver fin on the rear are molded separately and plated with different colour. But if you take a look at the vents on the side and top rear of the car, those vents are not molded separately. Yet they saves us the trouble by painting it. Nice! Really appreciate that.

Next, the Blue Bird. He is dark blue, and have bird eyes on the top rear. He has the most colour separation among all the Auldey's, dark blu, red and silver. As you can see in the picture, there's two way you can assemble the silver visor piece. I'm really digging the motives on this car. Somehow it reminds me of Aztec-Mayan civilization. It looks like the motive that the Aztec and Mayan people would paint on their body. Very nice.

Last of the first wave, Hacker! The look of the car really living up the Hacker name though. I love the asymmetrical dual cockpit on the car. Look at the motives! It has electronic circuit-like patterns, and even binary codes!
 I wonder what does it mean though. Nice toy car, very strong cyber-look.

The only mini 4WD from the Team of Dream line I have, Thunder Bolt. Eventhough it is not chrome-plated, Auldey still saves you the trouble by molding the silver pieces separately and paint them. I have to admit, The motives doesn't really appeal to me though, but I like the design. I thought that this mould deserves the motives like the one on blue bird.


Last but not least, Century Speed! As you seen earlier, there's only five boxes of the Auldey's. That's because this guy's box is damaged. Actually, I don't know which wave is this guy from. He was released way before those chromed guys, and of course, even waayyy before the Team of Dream line. 
As you can see, Century Speed lacks the front and rear bumper.
That is because... My "need-to-modify" syndrome had pretty much developed uncontrollably at that time.
So... Yeah. If you take a look carefully, this guy has metallic painted.
Yes! Even better that its sticker's blue colour matches the metallic blue on the body of the car.
If it is not because of the wear effects, they might have blend in better.
So, it is like Auldey painted their mini 4WD with metallic paint, then they going with chrome, then Team of Dream.

          That's all I have to post in this entry. Mini 4WD, who don't love them? Haha... I'm sure almost all Asian kid know this toy though. At the time when I was collecting these toys, I use play it with my friends. One of my friends live in the fire station's quarters. In that fire station, they have unused rail for the fire truck shutter door. It is wide enough to fit a mini 4WD in it. So we place several of them side by side, and race on! But, of course, there's no curve, only straight driveway. Haha... Good old time. But the real joy for me when collecting these toys is the building process. It is the time when I realize that I actually like building a toy, rather than playing with it. It is pretty much the history of how I end up collecting Gunpla until today. And also, what surprised me when I came home recently, is that my brother in law has also started collecting Tamiya mini 4WD! I've checked them out, and damn they're wayyy better than the Auldey. Of course, they're the original maker, right? Haha... Alright, that's all for this post, next one's coming!

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