Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Nostalgia #3


          The third entry of this Nostalgia post is still featuring the toy from the same manufacturer and toy line. In the first and second entries, we are taking a look at the "riders". In this entry, we are going to take a look at the track they're riding on.

          The track set I'm featuring in this entry is the Triple Loops set. Well, they could not really ride on this track, because this set lacks the car charger. Car charger is the piece that charges car forward in high speed, that it can make any Hot Wheels 1:64 die-cast cars go through the track over and over again, until you switch it off. Then, how do you play with this track set?

This is not mine, I found this in Google. See this that black round thing on the inside?
It is powered with an electric motor and spins at high speed, charges the car forward.

          This Triple Loops track set comes with its own X-V Racer. What is X-V Racer? It is a 1:64 scale car motor, the same scale as regular Hot Wheels die-cast toy car line. The difference is that this X-V Racer is motorized. How cool is that!? Haha... It is so small, that you cannot place any battery in it. That's why they include an X-V charger. The X-V Racer charger is powered by three AA batteries. Place the car on a dedicated slot, leave it there for a while (I forgot that whether I have to hold it down or not), then let the car run on the track at crazy speed! Then at some point the power worn out, you have to charge it again.

This the X-V Racer car, based on Ferrari F50 model. Sorry for the dusty nature.
I took it out only to take pictures of it. It can no longer work though.

This is the X-V Racer charger. This is why it wouldn't work anymore.
I forgot to take out the batteries before storing it in the box. Yeah... Nasty looking.

          As the name implies, the Triple Loops track set is an oval race track with three loops at a side. It is so fun to watch the car goes through the loops at high speed. Check out the pictures.

The box is really long! I have to place it on the floor, instead of my temporary backdrop. At the backside of the box, you can see... A boy, yeah, and an expansion set for the Triple Loops set, which include a horizontal loop set and a tramp. Apparently three loops are not enough. Haha... Also pictures of other X-V Racers available at that time, and diagram of the Ferrari F50 X-V Racer included in the track set.

Content of the box. Almost all pieces are here, except... You'll see which one.

The high bank curves all assembled. Just connect the pegs to the slots.
Longer pieces at the end, shorter pieces in the middle.
There's two of each pieces that makes up two of the curves. 
The loop. Just slot the end of the flexible track piece into the dedicated peg on the purple part.

Then bend the track piece and slot the other end into the other peg on the purple part.

Do that three times, you got three loops.

All loops are connected by the short track piece.

Connect the remaining two pieces of long tracks. Originally, there are a couple of white pieces (shaped like pieces in the picture below) provided to connect the two track pieces. Since all of them are gone, I have to improvise. Hehe...

The pieces provided with the set looks just like this, only that they're white.

The completed circuit. The set is sot long that I could not fit them in picture frame! I like the tilted curves, I believe it is designed that way to prevent the cars from flinging over. I remember that when the car goes too fast, the track will always move from original position because of the great thrust from the car. To prevent that, I place a heavy dictionary on the curve, place it carefully so that it doesn't interrupt the car's driveway.

          This set truly serves the purpose; speed, thrills and fun! Too bad the X-V Racer can no longer work though, I would love to play with this set again. Maybe I'll get another X-V Racer from Ebay or Amazon, or maybe I'll get a Hot Wheels car charger, so that I can play it with any 1:64 Hot Wheels die-cast cars available anywhere. They're easier to get than the X-V Racer. Alright, that's all for this toy. Watch out for the next toy!

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