Saturday, 15 February 2014

Nostalgia #7


          In this post, very are going absolutely going out of theme. No cars. No racetracks. But it is still involving speed. But not straight speed, the spinning one. If you haven't, check out all previous entries here: firstsecondthirdfourthfifth and sixth.

          The toy I'm going to review in this post is... Beyblade! Tadaa! Haha... I don't know whether this toy is popular abroad or not, but it is a huge phenomenon in my country not so long ago. In our country, we have a type of traditional toy that serves similar function to Beyblade. We call it Gasing. I would like to type more about gasing, but this review is about Beyblade. So... Beyblade it is. Haha... Maybe I'll do a proper article about gasing next time. Considering that I have little knowledge about it, I can't just type it recklessly, I need to do a little study first.

This is a common gasing. Actually gasing have various shapes and sizes.
Though I know that there's toys similar to gasing all around the world,
I believe that gasing is mostly played by people in the Nusantara region.

          Alright, back to Beyblade. Beyblade is a Japanese animated series that was aired in Malaysia around 2002-2003. They are spinning tops that meant to crush each other, in a concave arena. Yeah... There's no way else to describe this toy. Haha... To the pictures!

The boxes. Still in good condition.

I got eight of them.
From left, top: Dranzer, Dragoon, Draciel, Metal Driger.
From left, bottom: Wolborg, Wolborg, Driger, Driger.
Hey, don't ask me. They have different designs but same name.

I'm too lazy to review them one by one. They're all the same toy anyway, only different designs.
But I've chose the best-looking of the bunch to review. Haha.. Gotta love the metallic paintjob.

Beyblades are made of five part. The part on the bottom left is called Spin gear. It is the "engine" of a Beyblade. Basically this is the part where every other parts attached to. Noticed the molded "R"? It means that this Beyblade spins clockwise. The only anti-clockwise Beyblade in my collection is Dragoon. On top of the spin gear is the weight disk. It is added to the beyblade, so that it has nice weight to it and doesn't fling away too easily when hit. The part on the bottom right is blade base, and... It's the base. And on top of it is the attack ring. The part that used to attack the opponent's Beyblade, and also to make it pretty. The part on the center is the bit chip, the part that contains the Beyblader's Bit Beast. Yeah... It serves no purpose, just to make it show-accurate.

This is the Beyblade booster, and their rip cord.
The two black booster is for clockwise spinning Beyblade, and the blue is vice-versa.

Together with every Beyblade set, they provide you with extra bit chip, together with extra Bit Beast sticker.
Not to complain, but, the extra things that they gave is the one that doesn't serve any purpose.
But they still looks nice though.

This is the handle for the Beyblade booster. Of course, it is bootleg. Hehe... 

It is designed to help you to have a better grip on the Beyblade booster.
You can attach the clockwise booster...

... and also the anti-clockwise booster! When I bought it, I thought it only fits the clockwise booster.
When I take a look, there's also dedicated slots on the booster for pegs on the handle. Both fits well!

Yeah... My hand is too big to hold it now. I used to fit all four fingers on the handle.
God... Time flew away so fast. Haha

          Conclusion? I used to love this toy, I still am. But I don't know if I'm gonna play with them again, but I'll never let them go. They're beautiful, why should I? Haha... They'll make a nice display piece though. Also, I collected these toys in a period where I love D.I.Y toy. Yes, it is before I started Gunpla. So, that's all for this review, next one's coming!

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