Saturday, 8 December 2012

Supposed to be

Assalamualaikumwarahmatullahiwabarakaatuh and peace be upon you.

I used to finish your food each time we have our meal. You're a tiny person, you don't eat much. While I'm the opposite.

I miss that moment.

We watch movie, and I can't understand a single thing about the story line. I annoyed you by asking so many questions.

I miss that moment.

I used to tell you lots of things. Things that hurt my feelings. You're such a great listener and company. You would text me everyday, telling me things. For such a long time I never felt needed by someone so much.

I miss that moment.

You used to text me, telling me you really want to see me, yet I'm so far away. Then I treat you with a surprise homecoming.

I miss that moment.

When I'm angry, you did nothing to coax me. Yet you only smile, because you know, your smile always cool me down. While I'm always panic when you're the one upset.

I miss that moment.

And here I am, still longing for everything I've decided to left behind. Yes, they're still haunting me until today. You're the best, the coolest, the most warm-hearted person I've ever have a feeling towards to. I'm still longing for the ease-at-heart feeling you've gave me.

I still miss you. I'm still longing for your accompaniment.

Deep in my heart, I do hope you would feel the same. Yes, you're not perfect, but complete me to the best form. I am longing for you.

Today is supposed to be the anniversary. Well... What can we do? I am deeply hoping for a miracle.

Have a happy life. May god bless you.

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